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Jigorou of the Wind (風のジゴロウ, Kaze no Jigorou) (also romanized as Jigolo) is a zombie on Thriller Bark, in the service of Gekko Moriah. Later, he was assign to be under Dr. Hogback's command. As he had Roronoa Zoro's shadow, he was a user of Santōryū.[1]


He is a former samurai with a toothbrush mustache, who was made a Zombie General. When he was alive, he single handedly killed 7000 pirates to save his own family. He is a relatively "fresh" zombie. He was made only a short while after the Straw Hat Pirates boarded Thriller Bark.[2]

He had Zoro's shadow. He was able to hold down Nico Robin and Tony Tony Chopper], together with Inuppe. Even though no ego was left, he still couldn't get along with Inuppe, who has Sanji's shadow. They got in a fight over orders. Hogback unintentionally ordered both to jump out of the building. They obeyed his order.[3]

His life force was eventually taken away when Moria stole the shadows of every zombie to become even more powerful.[4]

His zombie number is 850.

His age at the time of his death was 59.[2]

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