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Kowalski makes a little jell-o like blob which he names Jiggles. Skipper claims that naming the abomnation is not
a good idea, but Kowalski ignores him and starts analysing his new breakthrough. He notes that Jiggles doesn't like fish, but he does like fruit. Whenever Jiggles eats fruit, he grows. Meanwhile, Julien is making a fruit smoothie, but uses too much fruit and throws them too quickly.

Jiggles eats some fruit Julien dropped out of his habitat. Kowalski finds Jiggles and takes it back to his lab, but Jiggles is getting too heavy. All but Kowalski now think of Jiggles as a monster. Kowalski then talks to Jiggles, but it quickly leaves. Jiggles then takes bananas from Bing. Jiggles is growing bigger and Kowalski tries pushing it back in the lab.

Rico regurgitates screws to lock the door, but Jiggles makes a hole in the roof so it can get outside. Kowalski makes a plan: Rico gets a coconut-pineapple sunscreen that they will spray on the X. When Jiggles comes, they will trap him.

Julien grabs the sunscreen and spraying it on himself (not knowing about Jiggles or the plan.) Jiggles then eats him, but doesn't digest, he just keep him inside. Kowalski said that Julien was a "Jiggles-hater". He then gets mad at the penguins because he feels he is the only one who truly cares about Jiggles, or Science, accuses the other penguins as being Science Haters, and leaves.

Kowalski hides Jiggles in a garage, and feeds him while raving about being the only one who onderstands him.
Jiggles then eats Kowalski because his flippers had a fruit-scented smell from feeding Jiggles so much fruit. It is only then that it occurs to Kowalski that Jiggles is becoming a problem, which mildly irritates King Julien. He tries to vomit up the fish he had for lunch, but laments that he is not Rico. Julien has to stick his hand down Kowalski's gullet and pull out the fish.

He finds the fish and Jiggles spits them out, but it now thinks that they're fruit. Kowalski soon realizes that he needs his friends - fortunately they come to help block in Jiggles while Kowalski fetches something and uses it on Jiggles. The group thinks Jiggles is gone, but it seems that Kowalski has only used the shrink ray on Jiggles to make it small again, and intends to keep it.