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Ji-tae is main antagonist of 2012 South Korean film A Werewolf Boy is landlord of Kim Suni's family and also her stalker who deposed Chul-soo


Ji-tae was son of a businessman who working with his partner Mr Kim who had two daughters (older one was Suni).

as Landlord

sometime later Ji-tae become landlord after his father's death. Suni and her family moved the village,Ji-tae woo her but she rejected it when a mysterious boy named Chul-soo enter Suni's life and they begun feelings for each other caused Ji-tae's anger and jealous as he tried closer to Suni who was underage

Jealously and Plan

He manupiled and spend rumors about Chul-soo


He was killed by Chul-soo for hurting Suni when he kicked her body caused Chun-soo bitten him to death



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