Jewel the thief

Jewel was one of the Seven Heroes and one of the antagonists in the first Overlord game.


Jewel is a dark-skinned, slim woman with long, black hair. She wears purple garments on her chest, upper legs and lower arms, and has wristbands, earrings, neck-rings and a crown made out of gold.


Jewel, as a thief, naturally has no qualms about stealing. But her old enemy, the second Overlord, posing as her friend the Wizard, convinced her that what she truly wanted was what everyone else wanted. Thus, she developed an obsessive need to steal other peoples dearest possessions.

She shows no fear whatsoever towards her lover, Kahn the Warrior, despite his explosive temper and brute strength. However, she is not fearless, as she prefers to flee rather than fight, and dislikes the idea of being tortured.


  • Like all of the Seven Heroes, Jewel represents one of the seven deadly sins, in this case envy.
  • The Seven heroes are also a parody of a typical Fantasy-RPG-Party, with Jewel being the thief.