Is perfectly perfect
~ Jewel Sparkles catchphrases

Jewel Sparkles is one of the first eight Lalaloopsy dolls to be released and also the main antagonist of the Lalaloopsy TV cartoon series based on the Lalaloopsy rag dolls (orginally known as Bitty Buttons). She hates Spot, and is friends with Dot Peanut and Sunny.


She is bossy and thinks she is perfect. She is pretending to be friends with Spot. She even went as far as to make fun of Spot's fence paintings. Whenever she has parties, she manipulates Crumbs into making her treats.


The bullying all started in "Princess Parade", where she teaches Peanut Spot and Sunny how to be princesses. Peanut and Sunny were commented on how good they were by Jewel and they became friends. However Spot was a target for Jewel.

In Spot Itis, Jewel made Rosy her servant when Rosy thought everyone was sick

In "March of the April Fools", Jewel manipulated Spot to get revenge on Peanut for all the pranks Peanut plays.Which turns out to be bullying which Jewel enjoys.

In "Saved By the Gift", Spot gave her a odd piece of art.Jewel was rather ungrateful foir this and tried to get rid of it.

In "A Little Goes a Long Way", it is revealed that Jewel is also mean to her little sister Trinket,as Jewel refused for Trinket to go sledding with Mittens and Jewel started to treat the littles as if Jewel was a princess and they were her servants.

In "Don't Fence Me", she became friends with Dot after seeing Spots paintings.She made Spot do her picture by tracing Jewel's shadow. At the end of the episode, Jewel, Sunny, Dot and Peanut once again pretended to be Spot's friends. This might be her largest villainous role.

In "Blossom's Rare Plant", she tricked Blossom into thinking that she would help the Una Dia grow.

In "Now You See Him, Now You Don't" She made Specs's Birthday all about glitz and glamour rather than books and intellect.

In "Dot and the Starcatcher", she went on a camping trip with Sunny,however she makes things more fancy than regular,but at the end of the episode she apologized to Sunny.This episode proves that they are true best friends

In "Stuck on You", she becomes stuck to Forest after a magic trick goes awry, she bickers with Forest alot in this episode.

In "Holly's Joyful Holiday", She picked on poor Spot by saying she cant help Holly and Jewel only cares about caroling


  • She never meant to be snobby, but Moonscoop made her a bully
  • She is also friends with Tippy and Pix E, so her clique is: Jewel, Tippy, Pix E, Dot, Peanut and Sunny
  • She "invites" her bullying victims to her parties just so she can embarrass them
  • Jewel isn't really a villain, people just overjudge her. She doesn't have a clique, either.