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The Jew Producer

The Jew Producer

The Jew Producer is a character in the animated parody TV series Drawn Together and one of the main antagonists.

He is the person in charge of the reality show, and is also the one who owns the house, sometimes serving as the villain of the show. He calls the housemates via intercom to inform them of reality show challenges and can be contacted when they need him. He looks like a man in a suit, except with a speaker where his head should be; this is a gag on the fact that prior to his first physical appearance, he was only heard as a voice on the intercom, the speaker of which looks like his head. His hairstyle closely resembles that of Donald Trump. He would appear to be the in-show representation of creators Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein, both of whom are also Jewish.

The Jew Producer is married and has a son, both of whom have speaker heads like himself. His wife, who is spoiled and demanding, is an amalgam of several Jewish stereotypes, in particular the Jewish princess. The Jew Producer's son, referred to as Jew Son, is voiced by co-creator Matt Silverstein. The three live together in a McMansion in the suburbs.

His relationship with the cast is a somewhat contentious one. He openly admits that he sometimes edits the show in order to produce something more exciting, a practice to which both Foxxy and Toot strongly object. The housemates often find themselves exasperated at the things he forces them to do in the name of ratings. He feels no qualms about insulting or verbally berating the housemates (especially Toot) when he feels the situation calls for it; nonetheless, he has a genuine affection for the group, and goes to great lengths to protect them from outside harm.

In The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!, the show is cancelled, but the Jew Producer fails to inform the housemates, instead letting them continue to live in the house for his own personal amusement. When the network head discovers that the housemates are still around, he tries to have them erased. The Jew Producer tries to stop him at this. The housemates end up getting away, and the network head is defeated, but the Jew Producer is killed in the process of helping the housemates escape. The Jew Producer's son shows up to inform the housemates that their show will remain cancelled, but they are going to be given a direct-to-DVD movie.

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