Jessica Mime

Jessica Mime is an enemy of Savage Dragon and a superpowered mime that uses multiple gadgets. She also schemes about taking over the world.


She has a usual disregard for life and plans to take over the world. She is also the most blatantly insecure characters, which borders on psychosis. The only reason she kidnaps Stephen Richards is because everyone believes her team's a joke and her patience of people saying so grew slim. She's also what only could be described as a comic book version of an unreliable narrator. One minute she's a joke, the next she's has the city in the palm of her hand. All that aside, she's a rather comical and professional villain.


Jessica Mime is able to create Energy constructs. Whatever she "mimes" comes out in full force from her gloves. It's not stated whether it's a natural power or a gadget, however it's usually implied to be a natural power.