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Jesse Pinkman

Full Name
Jesse Bruce Pinkman
Jesse Jackson, Cap'n Cook, Diesel
Breaking Bad
Drug dealer
Powers / Skills
Drug making
Assisting Walter White
Type of Villain
Drug Dealer, Partner In Crime

Jesse Pinkman is the secondary protagonist in the television series Breaking Bad. He is a meth dealer and serves as Walter White's partner.

He is portrayed by Aaron Paul.

Paul has been widely praised for his performance, winning two Emmy awards. The character has been praised for the parallel development to Walter, where Walter gets more dangerous and violent, Jesse becomes more troubled and sympathetic.


Jesse Bruce Pinkman was born in the September of 1984 into an upper middle-class family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the time the series starts, he has long been estranged from his parents due to his drug abuse and lifestyle. After being forced to leave his parents' residence, Jesse moved in with his Aunt Jenny, whom he cared for until her death from cancer; afterwards, he was allowed to stay in her home, whose ownership fell to Jesse's parents. Jesse was a poor student in high school, largely due to his inattention and apathy.

Walter White, who Jesse almost always calls "Mr. White," was his chemistry teacher, and flunked him in his class. Walt himself later tells Jesse that he "never thought much" of him, although his mother recalled that Walt "must have seen some potential in Jesse, he really tried to motivate him. He was one of the few teachers who cared." Pinkman would later deliver on that potential, producing a product on his own which Walt begrudgingly concedes is as good as what Walt himself produced and superior to that which was produced by Gale Boetticher who held an advanced degree in chemistry.

In "Say My Name", Walter refers to himself and Pinkman as "the two best meth cooks in America".

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