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This Article Contains Spoilers - WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. That is all.

I don't know when; I don't know how; but some day, far in the future, when you're least expecting it... we WILL get our revenge.
~ Jesse threatening Aiden.
Jesse: No way... I meant exactly what I said.
Petra: Yeah, well, so did I.
~ Jesse and Petra arguing about thier decisions.

Jesse is the playable main protagonist of Minecraft: Story Mode, whose gender and look is chosen by the player. Depending on the player's choices, Jesse can be portrayed as a generally kind, caring and loyal friend, or as a selfish, rude and even greedy person who will do anything to get what he/she wants, like the Eversource.

He/she is voiced by Patton Oswalt (male) and Catherine Taber (female).


At first, Jesse lived in a treehouse with his/her pet pig, Reuben, and was preparing for the Endercon Building Competition with his/her friends Axel and Olivia. He is also close friends with Petra. After Ivor creates the Wither Storm, Jesse, his/her friends (minus Petra) and Lukas manage to escape and go on a quest to find the rest of the Order of the Stone and destroy the Wither Storm. After destroying the Wither Storm, Jesse, along with his/her friends, become The New Order of the Stone and after discovering an enchanted flint and steel, he/she, along with Petra, Lukas and Ivor travel through different portals to different worlds whilst trying to get back to their own world.

Depending on what the player chooses, Jesse can be someone with a snarky and rude attitude. He/she can also be harsh towards anybody, even his/her friends. In episode 5 however, Jesse may grow more selfish and greedy in his/her quest to find the Eversource and can even become more ruthless and hostile towards anyone who gets in his/her way. Jesse also determinantly shown that he/she is also capable of letting others die without showing any remorse. Jesse can also show no concern for the safety of his/her friends and can accuse someone for a crime without any evidence, even if they are innocent. He/she has also shown to argue with his/her friends if they disagree with him/her or question his/her leadership.

Jesse can shown immense hostility towards Lukas and Ivor. He/she has trouble trusting Lukas and will sometimes get into arguments with him. Jesse also has trust issues with Ivor, presumably because he created the Wither Storm and scammed Petra on a deal.

Regardless of the player's choices however, Jesse does actually care for his/her friends, even if he chooses not to show it, as shown when he/she is visibly upset when Reuben dies, is visibly shocked if Aiden pushes Lukas off the edge of Sky City, is clearly anxious when his/her friends are presumably killed in the White Pumpkin's trap and, when Lukas and Petra/Ivor are presumably killed by Nell, Jesse is enraged and brutally attacks her, not knowing that they respawned.

Villainous Acts

NOTE: All of these acts are determined by the player's choice, and can be completely avoided or chosen.

The Order of the Stone

  • Made his friends come with him to find Reuben instead of letting them protect the build, resulting the gang to lose.
  • Let Reuben run away from mobs making Reuben lost, and kidnapped by Otis the Butcher instead of trying to protect him. (Debatable, as Jesse was trying to keep Reuben safe either way, and the latter will also get a black eye from being hit by a zombie if Jesse keeps him with him/her)
  • Called Aiden an idiot.
  • Told Aiden to shut up. (Debatable, as Aiden was being quite rude, making fun of Jesse and friends and even calling Reuben "food".)
  • Refused Petra's advice on getting along with Lukas.
  • Did not do anything to save Reuben from Otis the Butcher, causing Reuben having to beat Otis by himself to save himself.
  • Agreed with Axel on getting payback on Ivor by stealing something from him.
  • Took Ivor's potion for himself/herself.
  • Warned Gabriel instead of going back to the basement to find Lukas. (Debatable, as Jesse is still trying to help Lukas)
  • Blamed Lukas for Petra not escaping the Wither Storm.
  • Punched Ivor for his misdeeds.
  • Let Lukas leave the shelter.
  • Did not give Lukas his/her cookie.

Assembly Required

  • Launched Reuben in the Cow-A-Pult. (Redstonia)
  • Stole a repeater. (Redstonia)
  • Did not help Ellegaard build a command block. (Redstonia)
  • Kept the amulet whilst Axel distracted the griefers. (Boom Town)
  • Talked bad about Axel/Olivia to Magnus/Ellegard.
  • Did not tell Petra/Gabriel to let Ivor go.

The Last Place You Look

  • Chose to go after the amulet instead of helping Axel and Reuben.
  • Told Lukas to stay away from Reuben. (Saved the amulet)
  • Led his/her friends through The End instead of Lukas.
  • Argued with Lukas.
  • Did not high-five Reuben.
  • Did not become friends with Soren.
  • Did not save all the survivors.

A Block and a Hard Place

  • Let Lukas leave to go find his friends on bad terms.
  • Ate all the potatoes as soon he/she found them.
  • Does not get the Cake to feed his/her gang. (This is debatable, as, while Jesse and his/her friends were very hungry, the cake was inside a witch hut and thus, taking the cake would be stealing)
  • Called Ivor a madman, despite that his Wither plan backfired.
  • Did not comfort Reuben when he dies.
  • Allowed Gabriel to keep the secret about the Order.

Order Up!

In this episode, Jesse may grow noticeably worse.

  • Let Ivor's lava house be demolished. (Although it was a fire hazard)
  • Ran away from the guards instead of helping Ivor.
  • Called Isa a control freak. (Helped Ivor)
  • Accused Isa of just wanting power. (Helped Ivor)
  • Told Reginald he sucked. (Helped Ivor)
  • Decided to take the Eversource for himself/herself and his group.
  • Went to back up Lukas in his fight with Aiden instead of rescuing Isa.
  • Did not show any concern for Lukas after his fall. (Rescue Isa)
  • Chose to send Aiden over the edge of Sky City.

A Portal to Mystery

  • Insulted TorqueDawg.
  • Did not show any pity for after TorqueDawg's death.
  • Did not show the enchanted flint and steel to CaptainSparklez.
  • Accused Dan, Lizzie, or Stampy of being a murderer.
  • Chose to go after The White Pumpkin instead of helping DanTDM/LDShadowLady. (Debatable, as if The White Pumpkin escaped, she would be able to set off even more traps.)
  • Did not defend Lukas after being accused of being The White Pumpkin.
  • Did not help dig Cassie Rose out of the fallen sand.
  • Said Cassie deserved to "die".
  • Chose to leave Cassie Rose alone without giving her cat, Winslow, to her for company. (This is debatable, as while Cassie Rose dearly misses her home and having Winslow with her would probably be her only comfort, Winslow, being a relatively innocent cat, would be trapped with his owner, possibly for the rest of his life.)

Access Denied

  • Argued with Petra.
  • Blamed Petra for ditching the group. (Argued with Petra)
  • Didn't help Petra kill the Mind Controlled Zombie, despite her call for help.
  • Told Petra she should be the one to apologize for her outburst. (Argued with Petra)
  • Chose not to cooperate with PAMA, attempting to help Petra.
  • Didn't defend Harper from the citizens of Crown Mesa who blamed her for all the damage PAMA caused.

A Journey's End

  • Attacked Nell for "killing" Lukas and Ivor/Petra in the Spleef Game, despite that she only eliminated them because of the competition. (To be fair to Jesse, he/she didn't know that it was a competition and thought his/her friends were actually dead. Also, regardless of the player's choices Jesse will always attack Nell once, but has the option to attack her a second time.)
  • Told Hadrian to get out of his/her face when the latter tried to interview him/her. (Not as villainous as it is rude, although Hadrian is often even more rude)
  • Rejected Emily's deal to "team up" against the gladiators during the race.
  • Chose to beat Emily at the race instead of saving Nell from falling in the lava.
  • Called Emily a liar, even after her motives for trying to get Jesse eliminated were revealed.
  • Insulted Slab.
  • Stopped to talk to the miner causing him/her and Slab to be late and get Slab in trouble.
  • Attempted to take Tim's armor for himself/herself in Hadrian's office instead of just looking at it.
  • Rejected Hadrian's deal to lose the games and go to the mines in his/her friends' place. (This can be attributed to simply (and rightfully) not trusting Hadrian)
  • Did not tell the other competitors about Tim not being real.
  • Did not allow Ivor to say goodbye to Harper.
  • Told his/her gang to stop Ivor after the latter stole the Atlas and the enchanted flint and steel, and headed to the Portal Network. (This can be debated, as Jesse could be trying to keep Ivor safe.)

Killed Victims

The list below shows the victims that Jesse has killed:

  • Magnus the Rogue (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Reuben (Indirectly Caused)
  • Wither Storm
  • LDShadowLady (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • DanTDM (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • PAMA
  • Numerous hostile mobs
  • Nell (Indirectly caused, determinant)
  • Mevia (respawned)
  • Hadrian (respawned)



  • Oddly, If Jesse goes to Boom Town, regardless of his/her gender, he/she will always be called the KING of Boom Town.
  • In Episode 4, if Jesse decides to eat several potatoes, he/she mentions that they are his/her favorite food.

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