The Jersey Devil is a major antagonist in the TV show Lost Tapes. It was the main antagonist in the episode of the same name as the beast itself.

Many scholars have claimed a creature has lived in the Pine Barrens in New Jersey for years, but dispute its origins. Some zoologists and scientists believe it could actually be a pterosaur, which would account for Native American legends of the demon.


The Jersey Devil is often attributed to Mother Leeds when she had thirteen children, and claimed the thirteenth would be a demon. The Jersey Devil appeared when Greg and Wendy Stark and their daughters, Jolene and Christina went home one day in 2006 through the Pine Barrens, but their car hit an unidentified animal on the roadtrack, implied to be the Jersey Devil.

Greg soon sees his dog run off into the woods after something, also implied to be the Jersey Devil, and he tried to run off after it, he told Wendy he'd be back soon. Hours passed, and evening began falling, and Wendy and Christine and Joey, her daughters, got worried he was injured, so they went off to hunt for him, but Wendy was hours away from pregnancy and it was getting bad. Soon the family came upon an eerie, derelict house, which is alleged to have been the Leeds house, which is full of Satanic imagery such as thirteen crosses on the walls and the words "He lives."

Soon, an alarmed Greg comes running through the door, with some small scratches on his head but he's alright. Then a giant demon comes racing through the woods at them and they take shelter in the cellar. Suddenly, their dog comes outside and claws at the Jersey Devil, but the demon kills it, and then enters the house, entering full view of the camera. The Devil bellows and snorts when it hunts for the family. Soon Wendy gets angered, and runs out, whacking the Devil with a plank of wood, causing it to flee.

Wendy then begins to have labour, and contracts, but she says she's getting to a hospital. Greg takes all his family down to the car in the dark, and then the Jersey Devil chases them again. It runs through the woods at them but they already have gotten in the car and drive safely away. But when the camera is lying abandoned on the forest floor, it shows the Jersey Devil's hooves come into view, and shows the beast growling in anger.