Jerry Fyootal (surname later changed to Futile) is a character played by Josh Server from the Nickelodeon show All That.

You Can't Win

Jerry Fyootal appears in the All That sketch, You Can't Win, where he's the host of a game show of the same name.  He gets three contestants to challenge each other in the game, but unfortunatley for them, Jerry unfairly makes sure that none of them win the game no matter how hard they try.  In the first round he gets his contestants to answer ridiculous questions that make no sense, causing them to guess confusingly.  He even takes points off from any of them whenever they either speak when they're not supposed to or say a specific word.  One of his contestants once got a question right, but Jerry declared him wrong since he didn't hear his answer.  After the first round, Jerry gets each of the contestants to do random, crazy, difficult, and impossible things in ten seconds like teaching a dog Spanish, transforming a sheep into a dolphin, sticking your whole foot in your mouth, peeling a banana and sticking the whole thing up your nose, and eating a giant bowl of pudding.  One contestant named Helga Schlumpkinfist was challenged to eat 400 meatballs in ten seconds, but Jerry said she lost because she ate 403, which is 3 too many, causing her to maul him brutally and declare that she won.