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Do you realize how much trouble you've caused me, Charley? Spying on me. Almost disturbing my sleep this afternoon. Telling policemen ABOUT ME! You deserve to die, boy. Of course... I can give you something I don't have. It's a choice. Forget about me, Charley. Forget about me, and I'll forget about you. What do you say, Charley?
~ Jerry Dandridge giving an ultimatum to Charley Brewster
Welcome to Fright Night! For real.
~ Jerry Dandridge
You have to have faith for this to work on me, Mr. Vincent!
~ Jerry Dandridge to Peter Vincent referring to a crucifix

Jerry Dandridge is the main antagonist of the 1985 film Fright Night and its 2011 remake.

He was portrayed by Chris Sarandon in the original 1985 film while in the 2011 remake, he was portrayed by Colin Farrell, who also portrayed the Marvel villain Bullseye.


Early life

He was at least a thousand year old vampire before he moved into a small town in the United States. He had a vampire sister named Regine Dandridge. Sometime between the events that turned them into vampires and the time Jerry moved to a small town, they went their separate ways. With his man servant, Billy Cole, Jerry fed on the blood of women who crossed his path or in some cases, called them in via mail-order service.

Jerry Meeting Charley Brewster

Once Jerry moved into a small town, he was followed and stalked by a high school student, Charley Brewster. Charley had called the police on him and annoyed Jerry in various other ways. Jerry charmed Charley's mom to invite him into their home, much to Charley's horror. Later on that night, he broke into their home without being detected. Jerry tried to negotiate and intimidate Charley to leave willing enough alone. But Charley refused.

Jerry Meeting Ed Thompson

One night, "Evil" Ed Thompson, Charley's best friend, pranked Charley in front of his girlfriend Amy pretending he had been bitten by a vampire. The two argued, then Ed took a shortcut. Ed was stalked by Jerry, who managed to bite him, transforming him into a crazy and violent vampire.

Jerry vs. Charley

Jerry tried different methods of intimidation from going after his girlfriend and destroying his car. In Jerry's eyes, Charley started a war that Jerry was prepared to finish. Charley went to seek out a movie star who was only known as Peter Vincent, a character he played in vampire horror films where he killed vampires. After a lot of convincing, he helped Charley expose Jerry as a vampire. Jerry turned Amy into a vampire.

Jerry's Death

Later on, Charley convinced Peter to join him in hunting Jerry. After a battle that lasted all night long, Charley and Peter killed Jerry along with his demonic man servant. Amy was restored back to being human. The only fatality in this battle was Evil Ed.

Jerry's Legacy

Sometime after his death, his sister, Regine Dandridge, tried to avenge his death, only to meet her end at the hands of Charley and Peter.


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