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Who am I here?
~ Jerry Blake

Jerry Blake is a disturbed serial-killer and the main antagonist of the 1987 film "The Stepfather" and it's two sequels.

He was portrayed by Terry O' Quinn.


A family-values man named Jerry Blake marries widows and divorcées with children in search of the perfect family. As soon as his new family members show signs of being human and not robots who will march unquestioningly to his tune, his dreams of domestic bliss begin to crumble, and he kills them. Then he alters his appearance, assumes a new identity, and skips to another town to begin the deadly ritual all over again. He marries Susan Maine, who sees him as the ideal surrogate father for her intelligent and perceptive teenage daughter Stephanie who quickly suspects that Jerry is not a man whom he appears to be, and he is soon up to his old tricks when she proves to be too much of a 'troublesome' teen to handle.

Stephanie's close psychiatrist, Dr. A. Bondurant, advises her to give Jerry a chance.

Meanwhile, amateur detective Jim Ogilvie, the brother of one of women murdered by Jerry, runs an article about his sister's murder in the newspaper. While hosting a neighborhood barbecue, Jerry discovers the article and is disturbed by it. Jerry goes into the basement of the house and begins maniacally rambling to himself, unaware that Stephanie has also entered the basement. Discovering his stepdaughter, Jerry brushes off his outbursts by saying he was simply letting off steam. He tells her not to worry, but Stephanie is not convinced. Stephanie finds the newspaper mentioning Jerry's earlier killings and comes to believe her stepfather is the murderer mentioned in the article. She writes a letter to the newspaper requesting a photo of Henry Morrison, but Jerry finds the photo in the mail first and replaces it with a stranger's photo, confusing her.

Curious about Stephanie's stepfather, Dr. Bondurant makes an appointment with Jerry under an assumed name, saying he wants to buy a house. During their meeting, Bondurant asks too many questions and Jerry realizes that Bondurant is not who he says he is, beats Bondurant to death, and fakes a car accident. The next day, Jerry informs Stephanie of Bondurant's death and succeeds in bonding with distraught Stephanie. However, Jerry's newfound relationship with his stepdaughter is quickly cut short when he catches Stephanie kissing her boyfriend, Paul Baker. Jerry accuses Paul of attempting to rape Stephanie, which causes an argument with Stephanie and Susan, and drives Paul away. Stephanie runs out on Jerry and Susan because Susan says Jerry is her father, though he's not.

The next day, Jerry quits his job and creates a new identity for himself in another town. He begins to court another widow, while scheming to get rid of Susan and Stephanie. Having finally discovered where Jerry is now living, Jim Ogilvie begins going door to door, in search of his former brother-in-law. After Jim stops by, Susan phones the real estate agency to tell Jerry that someone was looking for him, only to be informed that Jerry quit several days ago. Susan confronts and asks Jerry, but, while explaining himself to Susan, Jerry confuses his identities, and Susan realizes that Stephanie's suspicion toward Jerry was right all along. Jerry bashes Susan with the phone and knocks her down the basement stairs. Content that Susan is 'dead', Jerry then sets out to kill Stephanie. He first kills Jim, who shows up again at the house, this time with a revolver. ("Next time," he deadpans, "call before you drop by.") After terrorizing Stephanie, he corners her in the attic, only to fall through the weak floor down to the bathroom. Susan recovers and shoots Jerry twice with Jim's revolver when he tries to attack Stephanie, but it only seems to faze him, as he keeps on going after his 'stepdaughter'. Finally, Stephanie stabs him in the chest. He weakly utters "I love you", tumbles down the stairs and apparently is killed.

The film ends with Stephanie cutting down a birdhouse she and Jerry had built. Susan and Stephanie would not be having a stepfather anytime soon...

Early Years

As a kid, Jerry suffered extreme emotional abuse from his stepfather, Randall Blake, who worshipped the demon Haborym.