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Jeremy Creek is a one-shot villain appearing on the WB/CW television series Smallville. He is the first meteor-infected human encountered and fought by Clark Kent.

He is played by Adrian McMorran.

In 1989, Jeremy was chosen to be Smallville High School's annual "Scarecrow," the victim of a prank by football jocks who stripped him to his underwear and strung him up in a cornfield on a cross. While on the cross, Jeremy saw a 9-year-old Lex Luthor and begged him to save him. A moment later, the first meteor crash-landed nearby, causing a shockwave that hit Jeremy and Lex. Jeremy was subsequently left in a coma.

Fifteen years later, Jeremy awoke from his coma with the power to control electricity, and he set out to gain vengeance against the jocks who bullied him years earlier, beginning with a mechanic. Later, he watched as Clark Kent was taken by Whitney Fordman and a few jocks to be that year's Scarecrow.

Jeremy found Clark strung-up just as he was just before the 1989 meteor shower and lamented that nothing had changed before heading off to kill the students at the Homecoming Dance. Clark managed to get free and confronted Jeremy at Smallville High. The two battled, and Jeremy ended up losing his memory.

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