Jeremiah Peet is a villain in the horror movie 2001 Bones.

Jeremiah Peet used to be Jimmy Bones's friends. He betrayed Jimmy Bones to make money to leave the neighborhood he got fed up living in Bones' shadow and he wanted to make his own money. Jeremiah allowed drugs into the neighborhood as long he got paid.

Years later, Jeremiah's son, Patrick, brought the house and he demand to leave the house and the neighborhood. Later, Patrick confronts his father and demand to know if he murder Jimmy Bones. Jeremiah may or may not gave his son the answer.

Later, Jimmy shows up and takes Jeremiah back to the building. Jeremiah tries to tell him want Jimmy wants. Jimmy thinks he wants his life. Now, Jimmy pushes Jeremiah back to hell to rot.

Bones says to him, "Dog Eat Dog Brother. Dog Eat Dog."