So this is how it ends... Well then listen to be you stupid idiots! I am undefeatable! You can never stop me! Death is only the beginning! Now if you'll excuse me, I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!
~ Jeremiah's final words
Jeremiah Gottwald is an antagonist from the Code Geass abridged series Code MENT by PurpleEyesWTF. He has also made appearances in some of PurplesEyes's other abridged series.

He is shown to be much more idiotic than his canon counterpart, though still pretty sane when compared to some of the other characters, such as Lelouch and Suzaku. He also hates it when people say "Team Death Match."


Jeremiah was easily annoyed by Lelouch, Kallen and Ohgi repeating "Team Death Match" over and over. He then became confused about what was going on and killed two of his subordinates after they told him they were all stuck in "one giant Team Death Match."

Afterwards, he framed Suzaku for the death of Clovis and attempted to execute him on live television for shock value. One attempted to defeat him by blowing up a building but it didn't work. Jeremiah, and everyone else present at the execution then started tripping balls, forcing One to use his ultimate attack.

Jeremiah later fought Kewell after the latter got pissed at Jeremiah for getting him demoted. The stopped after Euphemia reminded them that they were on the same team, and the two "hugged it out."

Jeremiah was at one point arrested for trying to kill Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, but got out after 15 minutes thanks to Guilford.

Jeremiah later appeared along with the Britannian forces under Cornelia's command. Despite being told to wait, Jeremiah rushed in anyway. He met his end when Kallen grabbed his Knightmare and made it explode with her mecha's "laser arm." Jeremiah gave one last speech before blowing up.

Jeremiah ended up in Death City after dying. Death The Kid read out the circumstances of his death to him but Jeremiah insisted that he "doesn't die" and kept telling Death The Kid to read the paper again. He then threatened Death The Kid with the pain of "a thousand" before being randomly teleported away.

He was later revived thanks to the actions of Bartley. Jeremiah attempted to get Luffy to go kill Lelouch, but Luffy ended up shooting Zoro instead.