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Jerald Mulkey Ander is a minor character in the Halo universe. He was a Human Rebel and the leader of the Secessionist Union. He also had ties to the People's Occupation Government and Harvest for Harvesters.

Not much is known about Ander, except that he was born on February 16, 2461 on Harvest. This places him as one of the first people born on the newly colonized planet. He was charged with Class A Weapons Violations, along with Destruction of GP (Government Property) and Theft of GP by the UNSC. He was also a former SWAT officer in Harvest's emergency services, holding the rank of Major.

His offenses against the UNSC were evidently quite serious or perceived to be so, as he was assassinated on March 13, 2502 by then Corporal Avery Johnson in Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE.

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