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Jera is a member of the Jamahl, heading the organization's Mercenary Army. She is the secondary antagonist of Juukou B-Fighter.


At an unknown point in time, Jera slayed the monster known as the Black Dragon alongside her friend Barla.

After Barla returned and fought and was defeated by the Blue Beet, Jera developed a grudge against the B-Fighters. However, Gaohm forced her to suppress her urge to avenge her comrade. Jera later learned that Gaohm had killed Gigaro, causing her to turn against Gaohm. When Schwartz became insane after losing his body, he tried to kill Jera, but she was saved by Black Beet.

After seeing Gaohm blow up Hidra in an attempt to kill the B-Fighters, Jera decided to act against her leader. She soon discovered Gaohm's true form, but was mortally wounded and cast down to earth soon after. She was found by the B-Fighters, and her mask disappeared to reveal her as a blonde, caucasian woman. She then told the B-Fighters how they could infiltrate Gaohm's ship before dying.

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