is an evil pharaoh scarab from ancient Egypt, capable of controlling mummified corpses and spitting a substance that can turn people to stone. It is one of the many villains that agents Coqueta and Audaz fight during the commercials used to advertise Coqueta & Audaz line of shoes for toddlers and kids.


Jepri is a turquoise beetle with four arms and two legs, he wears a pharaoh headgear. It's the tiniest villain that the agents have fought so far, being only 2 centimeters tall.


Angry that history no longer remembers him but only the pharaohs he used to order around, he decides to start his reign anew. He started rampaging through the museum inside a mummy but was stopped by Coqueta & Audaz. Then the real battle began; even if he was exposed, he was even more dangerous since he could now use its spit to turn people into stone. Just then, Coqueta tricked the evil beetle into thinking she was defenseless by looking at her handheld mirror and tiding her hair but she swiftly turned it over, deflecting the spit back at it and petrifying it instead. The scarab lost its balance and fell off the table he was on, the good-willed Audaz tried to catch it but he was too late and Jepri shattered to pieces nullying the petrification effect on the children of the museum and presumably finishing the scarab for good. 


Coqueta y Audaz Vs Jepri00:31

Coqueta y Audaz Vs Jepri