Jenny Humphrey is a minor antagonist in Gossip Girl seasons 1-3.

She is portrayed by Taylor Momsen.


Jenny Humphrey is the daughter of Rufus and Alison. Rufus was a struggling musician and owns a local art gallery in Brooklyn, New York. Jenny Humphrey is a tall blonde beautiful freshman in Constance Billard School. Constance is merged with St Jude's all boys school where his older brother Dan goes to. Jenny is an up and coming socialite wannabe, who wants to be a part of Blair Waldorf group. Blair Waldorf is the mean girl of Constance, who looks down on outsiders and poor people who are scholarship kids or geeks. Jenny spent most of her time trying to fit in Blair's circle and has a crush on Blair's boyfriend Nate Archibald. Blair does let her join the group as her slave and treats her like Cinderella and Blair is the ugly stepsister. But Jenny is a wild child, who gets in trouble with her father not just once, all the time. Unlike Blair who can scheme or bully and blackmail innocent people, Jenny can't because her father Rufus can punish her if she gets caught. Jenny doesn't get away with anything, like Blair does. That's why Jenny is more rebellious and the black sheep of the Humphrey clan. Jenny was a lot worse, in season 3 when Rufus married Lily Vanderwoodsen and she became the queen bee of constance and rule with an iron fist like Blair. But she still gets caught and punished by his father. That's why she moved to Hudson to live with her mother in Season 4 and the main reason she slept with Blair's boyfriend Chuck Bass. Jenny decided to reform herself when she move back to Hudson and live with her mom. In season 6 she and Blair patch things up in the epilogue and start their partnership on J. Waldorf.


  • Jenny is one of the people who knew Gossip Girl's true identity.