Jenny Flex is a supporting antagonist in the 007 film A View to a Kill.

She is portrayed by Alison Doody, who also portrayed Elsa Schneider.


Jenny is one of the henchmen to Max Zorin, who works alongside May Day and Pan Ho. She is first seen greeting Bond when he arrives at Zorin's chateau. She appears many times throughout the film, usually assisting Zorin is his crimes, mostly in his plan to destroy Silicon Valley. Her most recent appearance is when she helped Zorin frame Bond for the murder of chief geologist W. G. Howe by helping him set Howe's office on fire, which forced Bond and Stacey Sutton to run from the authorities on a stolen fire truck.

Near the end of the film, Jenny is walking through the mines that Zorin is working in and hands Scarpine several explosives for their plot. When Zorin realizes Bond is there, he sends May Day, Jenny, and Pan Ho after him and Stacey. They follow them through the mines with guns and May Day splits up with the other two, telling them to go the other way. However Zorin betrays both the women and his miners by blowing up the mines with the explosives, causing the mines to flood. Noticing the water flowing and realizing that they have been betrayed, Jenny and Pan Ho attempt to escape along with the rest of the miners, but they all end up being drowned to their deaths.

This betrayal caused May Day to turn to Bond for help, even mourning for the loss of Jenny after noticing her corpse floating on the water. May Day later avenges both Jenny and Pam by helping Bond to foil Zorin's scheme at the cost of her life.


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