Now what?
~ Jennifer to Elisha

Jennifer Sanchez played by Drinie Aguilar is a international jewel thief.


As a international Juwel thief Jennifer had pulled of multiple highly succesfull heists. In 2011 she decided  to target excentric billionaire Elisha Davenport  who was presenting a highly expensive line of juwels called the Goddes Collection. Using her alias Evelyn Steward she attended the presentation as a LA photographer. During the presentation Elisha watched long at her and seemed to measure her up. 

Despite this Jennifer infiltrated the building of Elisha industries were the collection was stored. She broke in the place where the collection was stalled out while the place was decorated with greek statues. However as she approached the juwels it turned out to be a trap. Elisha showed up wearing a small toga like skirt while carrying a gun. Elisha mockingly told her she was aware that Jennifer was a thief all along. Holding her at gunpoint Elisha forced Jennifer to strip down and dress up in a toga as well. Elisha complimented Jennifer on her appearance after which she tossed the gun away and removed her crown. Jennifer learned that Elisha wanted to fight her and make the gods decide the winner. Both of the women dropped in their fighter stance as they squared off. Jennifer managed to avoid the attacks of Elisha and escaped a joint lock as Elisha tried to break her wrist.  Jennifer surprised Elisha and knocked her down. The billionaire was clearly schocked by this but managed to turn the fight and land heavy blows. Jennifer took a hard kick to her head and was nearly knocked out as she fell to the floor. A arrogant Elisha gloated over her as Jennifer was down. Jennifer got back up and the two continued their fight. After a brutal back and forth scrap Elisha managed to pin Jennifer down and brutally beat her. Elisha started to choke her as she told her this was her punishment for angering the gods. Jennifer managed to slip free from her hold and got behind her in a back mount. She secured a rear naked choke and was able to render Elisha unconscious. Stepping away from her she then walked to the jewelry and picked up her crown.


Not much is known about her. She displays a stoic behavior during her altercation with Elisha. 


Jennifer is able to pull of thefts of heavily guarded objects. 

She also has outstanding fighting skills and will power. She was able to keep up with the dangerous billionair Elisha Davenport in a hand to hand fight.