Whoever this person is, he has played world of warcraft nearly ever hour, of every day, for the past year and a half. Gentlemen we are dealing with someone here who has absolutely no life.
~ The Blizzard Executive on Jenkins the Griefer.
 Jenkins the Griefer is the sole main antagonist of the critically acclaimed South Park episode, Make Love, Not Warcraft. He was a player of the online game World of Warcraft who managed to break the game's rules to kill players at will. He reached a level deemed impossible and even the Blizzard staff coudn't beat him until the boys finally managed to beat him.


Jenkins Skinning Knife, Arcanist Boots, Embossed Plate Helmet, tracker's glove 1

He began "griefing" (an act in an online game to repeatedly harass other players) Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman. He killed them without mercy in the human town of Goldshire, where they were forced to resurrect at the Graveyard. 

Cartman organized an army of every World of Warcraft player at school to log on at the same time, find Jenkins, and defeat him in battle. They found him murdering innocent players in the Arathi Highlands, and they charged. Jenkins, to their dismay, summoned his own personal army of Scorpids, giant scorpion-like monsters. In the end, while Jenkins had lost his own army, he then danced on the corpses of Stan and his friends.

Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman spent the next couple of months slaughtering millions of boars to gain experience points in order to reach the game's level cap. During this time, the four boys grew increasingly obese. In time they reached the level cap and they challenged Jenkins within Goldshire.

An epic battle began which lasted 12 hours. During this battle, Kyle had gotten carpel tunnel and had to take a short break. Meanwhile, Randy Marsh and the Blizzard board members had re-downloaded the "Sword of 1000 Truths" back into the game for Stan. Stan acquired the sword and drained all of Jenkins' powers. Upon seeing this, Kenny shot him with a bow and Kyle burned his chest with a Fire Blast. Jenkins fell to his knees, and Cartman crushed his head into the ground with his war hammer. Sitting at his computer, Jenkins could hardly believe what had happened. Defeating him likely enabled the Blizzard staff to delete his account.

At some point after this he became an internet troll.


  • His name is based on the famous World of Warcraft player Leeroy Jenkins.
  • In the South Park Episode Guide he is referred to by his username NWBZPWNR (Newbies Pwner)
  • Even though the Griefer's avatar wears a mask, when Cartman smashes his head, teeth can be seen among the bloody remains.
  • He is seen in the crowd in Britney's New Look and is less fat as a possibility on what happened after he was beaten in the episode, he gained the weight back in Wieners Out.
  • In Wieners Out he is seen as one of the trolls welcoming Gerald.