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Jen Okazaki is a Japanese businesswoman and mother to Tim Okazaki in the Australian comedy series Angry Boys. She is played by Chris Lilley and is arguably the most vile of all his characters.

Jen has been training Tim to be a professional skateboarder since he was a child. Despite being only 15, Jen has no problem marketing Tim as a gay icon as a means to captialise on his fame even further. As the series progresses, Tim's supposed homosexuality is given more attention, culminating in numerous gay-themed merchandise (like pink phallic sports bottles), slogans such as "I'm gay!" and "Doin' it Gay Style!" and getting Tim a dog that's simply called "Gay Dog".

Tim gets stressed out by his mother's psychotic management style. After being forced to do a commercial topless and covered in oil, Tim finally snaps at Jen. He then reveals to his fanbase that he was never gay and in fact has a girlfriend. Jen threatens to spread a rumour that Tim raped her, but Tim sacks her as his manager and divorces her as his mother.

Some time later, Jen has been forced to move to Santa Barbara, California. Despite her humiliation, she still hasn't learned her lesson, as she's last seen training her younger son to be a professional golfer.