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Jeice is the Ginyu Force "Red Magma" second in command from DBZ Abridged. He is from Space Australia (more specifically, Space Brisbane, and he is very offended when Burter considers it a bad holiday spot on Wheel of Death).. His favorite sports team is Space Broncos. The Abridged version of Jeice specifically mocks his being (Space)-Australian. He and Burter are best friends and he was devastated when Goku "killed" him. Goku punched him repeatedly in the face after the "seizure procedure" attack failed, and doing so, even after he came back with Ginyu. Jeice had a sister who met an early end due to being eaten by a space-dingo. Unlike the original anime version, he knew that Vegeta was more than a match for him once the Saiyan Prince hands him a handbook on Saiyans to point out just how f*cked (right in the down-under) he is and, just before Vegeta killed him, his last words were: "Clever girl." (Jurassic Park reference).

TFS Dragon Ball Z Abridged Full Season 203:38:08

TFS Dragon Ball Z Abridged Full Season 2

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