Jeff Kinnaird is one of the principal antagonists in the novel Ice Station Zebra.

He was a Soviet agent who had turned traitor against the British government, selling information to the Russians. He was close allies with fellow traitor Dr. Jolly, and both of them worked at the British research establishment known as Drift Station Zebra. Kinnaird served as the base's radio operator.

A ruthless killer, he started the fire which destroyed the station, killing numerous British personnel, so that he and Jolly could smuggle out top-secret film of military bases when a rescue team was sent. Their plan nearly worked, as the Americans sent the submarine Dolphin. However, also aboard was British agent Dr. Neil Carpenter, who suspected Kinnaird and Jolly right from the start, foiling their plans.

However, he lacked actual evidence against them. Even though he'd recovered the film hidden in American sailor Zabrinski's cast, he had no proof Jolly had put it there. But he made the two think he did. Realizing treason carried the death penalty, the two Soviet agents pulled guns and attempted to take over the Dolphin. Jolly was knocked out in an attempt to kill Dr. Carpenter, whilst Kinnaird was shot in the hand by American sailor Rawlings, and instantly surrendered.