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Jeff Jarrett is rarely on the side for being considered a babyface, when he first came to notice in WWF he would always use his guitar as a weapon in his matches frequently gaining victories winning the intercontenintal championship, he would develop a sexist attitude towards women and find himself in a fued with the 9th wonder of the world Chyna which lead to the Intercontintal title being up for grabs in a match he called a house cleaning match in which he was squashed by her, leading to her becoming the first and still only woman to win the Intercontintal championship, after this fued he went to WCW where he became a World champion, and after the company folded he Created a company with his father known as TNA, where he would founded the largest heel stable the company ever seen known as Planet Jarrett, He had Legit issues with TNA Employee Kurt Angle because Jeff Jarrett legitamitely Married Kurt Angle's ex-wife Karen, showing he has little to know decent respect for his employees personal lives, Jeff Jarrett is still a heel to this day and won the AAA Heavyweight championship in Mexico only to lose it to a well known Luchador, La Parka.

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