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Jeff Gregg is one of the main antagonist in The Net. He is a computer software billionaire who is a black hat hacker who hacks into the gatekeeper and changing identities or anything that can cover their tracks to the feds. He killed Undersecretary of Defense Michael Bergstrom and make it look like a suicide. Bergstrom never had aids and it was a back door created by Gregg, I think Bergstrom found Gregg hacked into the gatekeeper program. One of the disk was sent to Cathedral Software programmer Dale. Dale was going to meet her co-worker Angela and was a licensed pilot. Dale sent a disk to Angela and was going to explain the disk. Dale was killed in a plane crash that Gregg hacked into to kill him. He hired Jack Devlin to Kill Angela Bennett who has the disk that Dale mailed to. Devlin arraigned to have her purse stolen, but no disk. But Angela figure out, who Devlin is and he is a bad guy who wants that computer disk. But Angela ran off from him and survived. She was in a coma for a few days, but Gregg and Devlin hacked into her account and change her identity and used Ruth Marx to pose as a fake Angela. The real Angela survived, figure out who they are and once she got to Cathedral and figure out Gregg was the mastermind behind this. She emailed all the evidence to the FBI. Gregg is arrested and Ruth Marx and Devlin was dead when they were trying to kill Angela.