Jeff is a petty criminal, and the main antagonist of Jasper Danger.

Jasper Danger

On Halloween he was trying to steal parts off a car when "Kid Danger" (actually Jasper Dunlap) tried to stop him. Ignorant on what is going on, he ask the boy to give him a tool in his bag but the kid refused. Jeff then somewhat recalled that Captain Man has a new sidekick and decided to capture "Kid Danger" and his woman. Jeff later made a ransom video asking for 1 million dollars and two big and beefy burgers with fries. Later Jeff offered them chips and went to the bathroom where he left them. After coming back he forced fed the chips to "Kid Danger". Then Captain Man opened the door but closed it again when he saw Jeff before kicking it down. Jeff asked where the food is and then the money. Captain Man just tells him to sit down and Jeff does. Later Jeff faces off against "Kid Danger" when Captain Man tells the kid to do so when he bragged that he was about to break free and fight Jeff. Jeff goes down when Captain Man stunned him with his laser as "Kid Danger" punched him. Later Captain Man tells him to get up and Jeff does so and eats some chips. Captain Man then dragged him out to send him to jail again.