Jeed is the villain from Robo Army. He is a mad scientist who started turning all people in Neo-Detroit into androids following his will. His robots spread chaos into the city, but nobody is able to fight them. Two police officers, Maxima and Rocky, try to fight the invading forces, but they end kidnapped by Jeed, who turns them into androids. However, Jeed fails to implant a chip on them that would make them obey his orders, so the two break free and decide to stop the mad scientist. Jeed sends his army of androids to destroy the two, but they are all destroyed. The two eventually invade his laboratory, where they discover Jeed is keeping his own daughter captive, so she wouldn't try to stop him. Jeed, who was now just a head in a glass, fuses with a giant robot to fight the two. Maxima and Rocky destroy Jeed, so his daughter returns the two to normal as a thanks for stopping her father.