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Cha jude

Juden is a Mamodo and a villain in the manga/anime series Zatch Bell.


After Faudo is freed from the seal, they, along with Fango and Adora stay on Riou's side due to their interest in Faudo's power. They're then confronted by Arth's team, and battle Ponygon and Karudio. Jedun and Fango gain the upper hand at first due to Sauzaa and Kafika refusing to work together and attacking at the same intervals, causing their attacks to cancel each other out. He works well together with Fango, combining his snake attacks with Fango's flames to attack the opponent efficiently. He is however, easily defeated when Sauzaa and Kafika finally work together, firing ice and flames at Jedun's stomach barrier which succeeds in cracking it, knocking Jedun and Rune out. His book is then burnt by Kafika and Sauzaa and Rune is placed aside with Adora until they regain consciousness

Powers and Abilities

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