Jedore was an unhinged Blue Suns commander running the mercenary group's operations on the junkyard world Korlus. Amazingly arrogant but also incredibly stupid and insane, Jedore proved to be more of a hindrance and liability to her men than anything else.


Jedore led the Blue Suns contingent on Korlus, working with rogue Krogan scientist Warlord Okeer to produce an expendable army of Krogan soldiers. Okeer however, was interested in creating one "perfect" Krogan, and viewed the clones he gave Jedore as disposable "failures". Jedore never knew the difference.

By the time Commander Shepard and company arrived on Korlus, Jedore had descended into madness, ranting and raving over the loudspeakers to such a degree that her own men demanded that she cease clogging the com channels. Eventually, Shepard and company made their way to her, where Jedore attacked them reinforced by YMIR mechs and Krogan clones. Despite her formidable back-up, Jedore was ultimately no match for Shepard and their allies and was killed. 

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