You chose to murder Kellian Jarro. Just like you murdered everyone sent to bring you to justice. You could have surrendered at any time.
~ Jun Seros to the Great Hunt Champion
Jun Seros was a holier-than thou and fanatical Jedi Master who, in his desperation to stop the Sith, framed the Great Hunt Champion for a kilometer-long list of crimes and murdered the Great Hunt Champion's friends and allies; earning him the Champion's eternal hatred. He serves as the main antagonist of the Bounty Hunter Storyline in Star Wars The Old Republic.


Jun Seros first appears in communications with agents of his who have slaughtered the Great Hunt Champions with the exception fo the most recent, who alongside his/her allies kill Jun Seros' minions and then makes it clear that Jun will pay for his crimes. Jun however is unconcerned and frames the Great Hunt Champion for a kilometer-long list of atrocities that the bounty hunter didn't do.  Suddenly wanted by the entire galaxy, the Great Hunt Champion throws their lot in with the Sith Lord Darth Tormen, who provides the Great Hunt Champion protection and also the means with which to strike back against Jun. Eventually confronting him, the Great Hunt Champion wastes little time attacking Jun, who by this point has come to believe the lies he's told about the Great Hunt Champion as being fact.  Despite his skill with both a lightsaber and the Force he is ultimately slain by the bounty hunter, who ensures that Jun pays his debt to the Champion in blood.