Jed Johnson is the primary antagonist in the adventure game Ben Jordan: In Search of Skunk Ape.

Jed was a hillbilly living in the Everglades who stole massive amounts of cocaine from the city. He hid them in the forest, where the police could not find it. One day, he can across the Skunk Ape, but before it could attack him, he give it some cocaine. The Ape was hooked on cocaine, which allowed Jed to use to guard his stash, killing anyone who gets near.

To further control it, he brought a shock collar so he could shck it when he thought he needed to. Later on, Ben Jordon and Ranger Rick are in the forest when they find the Ape. Ranger Rick tries to shot it, but it kills him and Ben flees and comes across Jed. Jed explained his plan and called the Skunk Ape to kill him.


In the original verison of the game, Ben hides inside Jed's shack to avoid the Skunk ape. He finds the control unit for the collar, disguised as a TV. Ben uses a compass to cancel out the signal, which frees the Ape who then kills Jed.

In the updated version, both Ben and Jed are inside the shack when he calls the Ape over to kill him. Ben sees a table stacked with cocaine and flips it on Jed. The cocaine covers him, which makes the Ape turn on him and rip him in half.