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Jeanne is Bayonetta's rival in video game, Bayonetta.


500 years ago, Jeanne was an heir to the Umbra Clan. She picked Bayonetta for her fight, but she was defeated, triggering a war between the Lumen Sages and the Umbra Witches. Fearing that the Left Eye jewel would fall into the Lumen's hands, Jeanne sealed Bayonetta into a lake.

In the present day, she is allied with Balder and the Lumen Sages. She fights Bayonetta four times.

Jeanne is defeated for the last time, and it is revealed that she and Bayonetta are never enemies, but friends all along. She is presumedly killed by an explosion of two rockets.

It is revealed later on that she's not dead, and that she used the jewel to protect herself from the explosion. When Bayonetta is captured by Father Balder, Jeanne comes to rescue as she is revealed to have brainwashed her into allying with him. She's presumed dead again by the shockwave from a statue, but returns in the end to help Bayonetta defeat Jubileus the Creator.

With Bayonetta dead, Jeanne is disguised as a nun and prays to summon Laguna. When the Laguna comes for her, Bayonetta rises from her coffin and fights with Jeanne against them.

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