Jean Gamba is a minor antagonist in the film The Interpreter. He is a key player Edmund Zuwanie's  staged assassination plot and is an apparent member of Zuwanie's secret service. He has been assigned to tail Silvia Broome (Nicole Kidman) and eliminate the exiled political activist Kuman-Kuman (George Harris), and, if she finds out too much, eliminate Broome. This involved infiltrating the UN and leaking false information about the "plan" to "assassinate" Zuwanie, killing fellow conspirator Jad Jamal (who had almost blown their cover after leaving scattered hair strands at Silvia's home), and leaving a bomb on a city bus, which killed Kuman-Kuman. Gamba is killed by Tobin Keller (Sean Penn) after a failed attempt to kill Silvia.

In the film, Gamba is portrayed by Byron Utley, who is best known as one of the original (and longest-running) cast members of Rent.