You're not getting away!
~ Jean Legrand
We're gonna catch 'em!
~ Paul Lepetit

Jean and Paul are the secondary antagonists of the videogame Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights. They are the co-leaders of the crime syndicate of Vidocq.



They became parts of the syndicate as Paul's uncle was a high-ranking executive.

The Forgotten Knights

They were allies of Vidocq at first, but later joined the Doctor, after Vidocq dismissed them for making too many mistakes.


Both Jean and Paul are flirtatios and often annoy and even disturb members of the other gender with their behavious, however, they always feel remorse after doing do. They are totally incompetent as villains, especially since their stuff and weapons, which Paul invents, never seem to work.


  • Their prenames are identical to the main antagonists of the Professor Layton series, Jean Descole and Don Paolo.
    • However, concerning as well looks as personality, they rather resemble Bishop and Rook, 2 other villains from Professor Layton.