Jean-Claude is a member of the angry mob for the French Revolution in the Kellogg's Crunchy Nut with Chocolate Curls advert. He is also a DLC Character in Charizard Z, a sequel to a 2011 Charizard the Dragon reboot, voiced by Kyle Hebert.

Intro Pose 1: Jean-Claude walks over his opponent and drops the chocolatier's head.

Intro Pose 2: Jean-Claude takes out his weapon and toss it before the battle.

Outro/Victory Pose: Jean-Claude kidnaps his opponment and takes him/her to the guillotine.

Note 1: As Jean-Claude appeared as a guest character in Charizard Z, the two hiding artisocats and the chocolatier as potraits, his leader and the other members make their cameo appearances in his victory pose.

Note 2: Jean-Claude is a first Crunchy Nut character to come to Charizard Z, second was Nozferatu, third was Henry VIII and fourth was Alien.