Jaguar Jazz

Jazz the Jaguar

Jazz the Jagaur is an outright, neutral jaguar who is very despicable towards Adam. He serves as the key antagonist during the stories that take place in South America. He is one of the antagonists in 64 Zoo Lane. After his first two appearances, he and the other animals began to reform since the Season 2 finale.

Villainous Roles

The Story of Adam the Armadillo

He is very despicable towards Adam, because the game football is for big animals only. Adam cannot play this game, because he ends up yelling and being taunted by the three (Jazz, Leopoldo, and Duddley). Jazz forced him to be used as a football in order to be played. He and the other three laugh at him during his complaints. Adam had no choice but to be the football.

He and the other football players began using Adam as a football, which makes him complain and and hurting him. Soon, he ends up being sadistic towards the goalkeeper Duddley after being replied back "That's not fair!".

Another despicable deed is when he used Adam who has landed in a mud puddle and started sneezing. After Adam got inside the cave, the three are trying to find and rescue him. However, all three got scared (which is the villainous breakdown for all three) when they thought there was a monster in the cave, which was actually Adam. The three decided to work together to rescue Adam. He decides not to be the football and all the other three reform.

The Story of the Monster in the Forest

Jazz Roar

Jazz doing a fake roar.

No, but Little Adam doesn't know that. Ha ha ha ha! We're gonna scare his pants off! Ha ha ha! I have a secret plan!
~ Jazz, telling Leopoldo and Taco to scare away Adam while meeting Annie.

He pretends to be a monster by doing fake roars towards Adam. Soon as Adam is trying to meet Annie, the other three (Jazz, Leopoldo, and Taco) became very despicable to scare him during his progress.

After Adam discovers the traps, the other three set a trap in order to scare him. He sets up a plan for Adam to be scared, but the trap went too soon. Jazz and the other two are chased by the boulder, which results him to jump on the fake monster (which is actually a cactus) to avoid getting crushed.

Soon as the three failed to scare Adam, Jazz is planning to scare his friend Annie instead. However, as soon as Annie's voice is heard, the other three are scared by the large anaconda.

The Story of Tallulah the Toucan

All Jazz did was peeked at the surprises. But Leopoldo told him not to. When Leopoldo wasn't there, Jazz took a big peek, but caught by Leopoldo.



  • He is voiced by Dan Russell (impersonating Muppet actor Jerry Nelson).