Well, if it isn't my old nemesis, Bobby "Scaler" Jenkins.
~ Jazz to Scaler

Jazz is a female sub-antagonist in the game Scaler.



Jazz is a gray green lizard-like humanoid with darker green stripes on her scales. Her voice is very reedy and almost insect sounding, and she is a lanky individual. She has yellow eyes, four fingers and strangely two antennae despite being of reptilian origin.

In Scaler

Jazz is one of Looger's henchmen and the only female on his team. While in the human world, she took on the persona of a snazzy movie director, growing a hate of Bobby when, during one of his protests, he let loose a bunch of smaller lizards on her red carpet walk. She is seen in the beginning of the game when the Lizards are "interrogating" Scaler and later on in the "Newborn Monstrosity" mission alongside Rhombus and Turbine, where the three mock Scaler's efforts to save the eggs.

Scaler doesn't encounter the trio again until the second boss level "Looger's Henchmen". The three appear on their massive mount, the Flying Yeti, an ice-breathing monster with reptilian and mammalian traits. After Jazz makes light of Scaler surviving his 'little playdate', the villainous lizards attack him with their ride's ice-breath. A 3-tier battle ensues between Scaler and Looger's lackeys, with Jazz sliding off the Yet's nose to face him on an icy arena. Despite Jazz's speed, Scaler was able to knock her out with his claws and also take out Rhombus and Turbine, the Flying Yeti flying off in fear soon after. Jazz is last seen dejectedly lying upon the ice after her defeat, twitching her limbs in a spastic manner. She is never seen again or mentioned after this level, leaving her eventual fate unknown