Jay hogart

Jay Hogart was a school bully turned mechanic who was a character on Degrassi:The Next Generation. He is the main antagonist in season 3 -4 and an anti-hero in season 5, but redeems himself by season 6. His main villainous role was during Season 4 where he was one of the main perpetrators in Rick Murray's final breaking point, in which he, Alex, and Spinner poured yellow paint on him at the geography bee. However, what really got Rick going was when he acted as if Jimmy Brooks had done it all. Rick then shot Jimmy. 

Other villainous actions

Season 3

He was a leader of a mini-gang with Sean Cameron, Towerz, Alex (who was his girlfriend), and Amy. In season 3, he got into a lot of fist fights, especially with a gay student known as Dylan. He, along with Sean, stole the computer of Mr. Simpson.

Season 4

In addition to the Rick Murray incident, He also sexually assaults Amy and breaks up with Alex. He also infected Emma Nelson with gonorrhea. This is from unprotected sex with multiple girls.

Season 5

He tried to get J.T to become a drug dealer.