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Jay Hamilton is the main villain of the 2004 remake, Walking Tall. He was played by Neal McDonough.
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He owns a little town in Kitsap County, Washington and opens a casino, which has to do with a lot of income for the town. He was Chris Vaughn's, the hero and ex army sergeant's, old friend, who gives him an invite to his casino for a good time, which results in Vaughn getting into a fight and knocked unconcious. When Vaughn recovers, Hamilton offers him a job and money, which Vaughn turns down. Then his nephew tries crystal meth, which he got from Hamilton's henchmen and Vaughn fights his security guards.

Hamilton uses and pays Vaughn's lawyer to take a deal and keep him quiet, which results in Vaughn firing his attorney and his charges dropped. When Vaughn becomes the new sheriff he pulls over Hamilton, who reminds him of his past failures and future failure with being a cop. Later Hamilton orders Vaughn's truck destroyed and the killing of Vaughn himself and his friends and fam. But even though Vaughn's truck gets blown up Vaughn defeats Hamilton's henchmen with the help of his girlfriend, friends, and fam.

Vaughn hunts Hamilton down at a mill, where his drug lab is also, and fights one on one with Hamilton. After the fight, Vaughn defeats and arrests Hamilton.

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