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Well, here's to us.
~ Jaws' only spoken words

Jaws is a recurring henchman and one of the most famous villains from the 007 franchise. He was the secondary antagonist of "The Spy Who Loved Me" and the secondary antagonist turned supporting protagonist in "Moonraker", played by the late Richard Kiel.

He is a gigantic man who has sharp teeth made of steel, which he can use to bite off anything, but is presumably unable to talk because of this. He is also very strong physically, he can bend hard steel, as well as resistant. He always comes out of big disasters such as falling from a great altitude or a car accident unscathed. He first appeared as a henchman of Karl Stromberg, helping his master in his plan to create an underwater society. He fought Bond countless times, but ended being thrown into the ocean, where he is last seen fighting sharks.

He survived, appearing again as a henchman of Hugo Drax, who wanted to decimate most of humanity and create a new, perfect society with his perfectly chosen humans. He follows Bond to Rio de Janeiro, where they fight atop one of the cars of the ferry in the Pao de Açucar, which ends with bond captured and taken to a hidden jungle base. After their fight Jaws meets a girl named Dolly, and the two fall in love with each other. Bond is later taken hostage on Drax's space station, from where he planned to fire a toxic gas that would kill everyone in the surface of earth. Bond convinces Jaws to help him, reasoning that Drax would surely dispose of him and Dolly once he wasn't needed anymore, since he wouldn't fit the perfect society that Drax had envisioned. After Bond kills Drax, Jaws helps him to escape of the space station, which started to self destruct, and is later rescued along with his girlfriend. After Jaws rescues Bond, he finds some champagne and pops it open with Dolly (using his teeth) before speaking his only known words in the Bond franchise: "Well, here's to us."

He did return in the James Bond videogame Everything or Nothing, but this is considered non-canonical because the film franchise lacked a movie, so it was only filling in for the lack of a Bond film. Despite his redemption in Moonraker, Jaws is a villain in this game and fights Bond on a train and in an elevator, and presumably does die, but this is considered non-canonical. Furthermore, he also appears in the Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye as a boss for the Complex level, armed with two Moonraker Laser weapons. This mission is just a reference to the movie Moonraker and has nothing to do with the actual plot for Goldeneye. He is also available as playable character in the multiplayer mode of various James Bond videogames. In all of these occurences, Jaws has a much larger health pool than most other characters.

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