Javier is the tertiary antagonist of Kick Ass 2 and is the former bodyguard of Chris D'Amico.

He was portrayed by comedian/actor John Leguizamo.


Javier is first seen carrying some of the D'Amico's prized possessions like Frank's dual colt M1911 customized pistols, After Chris killed his own mother, Javier advised Chris to be his own man with a seemingly endless family fortune. Javier is Chris's getaway driver when Chris commits his first major crime when he robbed a convenience store. After Chris realized his true destiny of becoming the world's first super-villain Javier contacted and hired a group of ex-convicts including a ruthless underground street fighter (Black Death), a former Chinese triad member (Genghis Carnage), a psychopathic mob enforcer (The Tumor) and a former KGB secret police agent, infamously known to have eaten her cell-mate (Mother Russia). Later Javier drove Chris to see his Uncle who was locked-up in prison, Chris listened to a thug that his uncle hired slice through Javier's throat with a switch blade over the phone. Chris was traumatized by this and lost his grip on sanity after Javier was killed.


  • Javier's actor, John Leguizamo, would go on to portray Santiago in Ride Along, which came out the next year.