What in the universe are you doing still alive?! I thought I told you to die the last time you showed up! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I KILL YOU?!?
~ Javi Onukala

Javi Onukala is one of the main villains from Tyrian. Initially introduced as the security chief of the Gencore Tech Alliance, Javi was actually a Microsol operative which had infiltrated the Gencore Tech Alliance.

Javi initially sends the hero Trent Hawkins to investigate shipments on the planets Gyges and Torm. Trent's friend Dougan finds a homing device planted on Trent's ship, though Javi says he knows nothing about it. He later sends Trent after the Mendivian sector near Soh Jin, where a supposed rebel force was threatening to take over the sector. Reid, leader of the rebel, finally reveals Javi's true identity to Trent, as he was being used as a scout for Microsol's fleet. Javi then captures Trent's ship through a tractor beam and imprison's him at the Gryphon Station, but Trent manages to escape.

Javi appears again during Episode 3, where he jams Gencore's transmissions and hacks into Deliani's defenses in an attempt to kill Trent. During Episode 4, he leads an attack upon Deliani and Savara, piloting his personal Dreadnought intent on killing Trent. Dougan utilizes a sensor to detect the Dreadnought's weak points and sends the data to Trent, who fights the giant ship and destroys it, killing Javi with it.