Jasper Tarik is the main, later secondary antagonist in the 2014 film, Step Up: All In

He is portrayed by Stephen "Stevo" Jones.


Jasper is the leader of the Grim Knights and Sean's (the protagonist) arch-rival. At the beginning of the film, the Grim Knights battle the Mob and win, causing the Mob to abandon their dreams and head home and leave Sean behind. Later on in the story, Sean's new crew, the LMNTRIX, arrive in Las Vegas to compete in The Vortex, only to discover that the Grim Knights and the Mob are competing as well. Chad and Kido see Jasper making out with Alexxa Brava, the host of The Vortex, meaning that the latter is rigging the competition. When the LMNTRIX learn about this, they join forces with the Mob to battle the Grim Knights one final time, and they win the contest.