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Jason (left) being threatened by Roscoe.

Jason Petty was a rebellious, angry joyriding kid in the black comedy movie New Jersey Drive.

He was portrayed by Sharron Corley.

While not as bad as his buddy, Midget, Jason can be just as bad at times as his buddy. The best example of this, for instance, is during the scene where they hold up the vehicle driven by a group of white fraternity kids. Midget is not the only one sadistically enjoying this, but so is Jason. Jason is a sadist. However, he is more level-headed, and doesn't even try to resort to murder, like Midget does in one scene (when he tries to shoot the cops).

He also mouths off at the cop (not that he's any better), giving him a sarcastic reply of, "Charles Manson." He's a pretty angry kid who doesn't respect his mom or his new dad, especially in one scene where he defiantly tells his friends, "Y'all ain't fucking going no where," to which the mom replies with a smack. In the end, he does change, partially out of remorse for, as he perceives, failing his mother, but also because he knows he has to, but for most of the movie he is a villain. Despite his acts, you do feel bad for him and he seems like a villain who just needs a hug.

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