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Jaryuu Soldier is Ryuuwon creation of warrior dragon-like. They wield swords and can summon hundreds of poisonous red lizards from their bodies.


Jaryuu Soldiers were served to their king and started conquest to obtain the precious from every episodes. In the end all of Jaryuu soldiers killed off in the ritual to create the last Jaakuryuu name Tagargin. In the final episode the two Jaryuu soldier remained and they battling Dark Shadow and the Boukengers for the Ru-Yi-Bang Precious. Though their leader is gone, they are intent on carrying out his wishes.

Years later, a single Jaryuu took out Gormin Sailors and Sugormin to obtain precious Heart of Hades and resurrect Ryuuwon. This revival was short-lived however, as Ryuuwon was soon destroyed by the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

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