"I cremate dead bodies."
~ - Jarod Leary

Jarod Leary is a teenaged boy and one of the two main antagonists alongside Stan in the 2010 slasher movie Death and Cremation.

He was portrayed by Jeremy Sumpter.


Jarod, is a fatherless 17-year-old high school outcast, lands an after-school job in Stan's cremation house under the mortician's supervision and the two develop an unusual working relationship that quickly evolves into a partnership. As detective Matt Fairchild puts together clues from local disappearances in the suburban town of Smith, Stan must decide if protecting his newfound trainee is worth killing for.

In Smith County, the lonely owner of the Stanley Crematory is a deranged psychopath that kills bullies and cremates their bodies. The also lonely outcast teenager Jarod Leary misses his father Robert Leary and lives with his mother Martha Leary in a trailer. He is daily bullied at the Banyon High School by David Valentine and his gang.

When the brother-in-law of Bill Weaver dies of AIDS, he goes to the funeral home with his wife Becky and their daughter Lindsey to research the costs, but Stan does not give much attention to the family. Lindsey curses him and then she plays a prank on Jarod at school. Sooner Stan kidnaps and cremates Lindsey and Detective Matt Fairchild from the Police Department is assigned to investigate the case of missing person. Meanwhile, Jarod asks for a job to Stan and they get close to each other. When Jarod gets beaten up by David, Stan decides to protect Jarod and abducts David and cremates him. Jarod learns Stan's secret and decides to get rid off the arrogant lawyer Rick Waters that is dating his mother. But the neophyte Jarod panics and commits mistakes and Stan decides to fix the problem of his protégé.