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Triple H en Blade Trinity

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Jarko Glennwood is an antagonist in the 2004 superhero action/adventure film Blade: Trinity. He is a member of the House Of Talos and a bodyguard/muscle to Danica Talos. He is played by WWE former headlining superstar Triple H (Paul Levesque).


Jarko Glennwood had been coverted into a vampire from an unknown source and at some point been a follower to the Talos family, a high ranking empire of consisted petty vampires and familiars formed some time after the fall of the House Of Daminskios. Jarko had proven to be a loyal assistant to Danica and her brother Asher and is even convinced to join her on their journey to awaken Count Dracula. While exploring the Syrian desert pyramid for Dracula's Tomb, Jarko and the group abrupbtly awoken the Count but manages to consent him to join the house.


The House Of Talos begins to find interests in capturing Blade: The Vampire Hunter by framing him for numerous of murders throughout the motor city of Detroit forcing the FBI to capture him. Familiars Martin Vreede and Lawyer Dr Vance manged to call the vilians to the headquarters and capture Blade only for Hannibal King to intervene taking on Jarko and spring Blade from Custody. As Jarko begins persuing the heroes on the street Abigail Whistler shoots an arrow to his eye causing him to back-off. Drake Aka Dracula begins invading the hideout along with Jarko and they managed to kidnap the recovering Hannibal King and Zoe (Sommerfield's daughter) slaying the rest of the Nightstalkers gang. At the Talos lair, Jarko and Asher were in charge of torturing King for information on Daystar virus until Blade and Abigail attack the vampire's hideout in retailiation for the deaths of the other heroes. Blade managed to subdue Jarko with incredible ease kicking him backwards like a ragdoll leaving him uncouscious. Jarko regain counsicoisness again and intercept and battled King again after the latter caused the death of his pet dog "Pac-Man". Jarko had a surprisingly upper hand on the mortal until King fought back and slay Jarko with a device that lit Jarko up in fire, dissipating him to Ash.

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